Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Charity Opportunity

I'm sorry I have not been blogging. It's the thing I'm kind of letting go lately in attempt to take more time for family and friends. Hopefully I will pick it up here and there.

I work with someone who has hooked up with Chapin Baptist Church who takes an annual trip to Zimbabwe, Africa. I think the primary purpose of the trip is for medical and veterinary clinics. A lady who attended the trip several years ago wanted to contribute more, so she thought of making pillowcase dresses to donate to orphanages in the area. Her goal was to take 100 dresses last year. She exceeded her goal and took 800+ dresses! My coworker is campaigning for materials like: pillowcases, fabric, ribbon, and other accent materials. The trip leaves in September. Please let me know if you would like to help. Here are two dresses that she's made, one with a pillowcase and the other with fabric.