Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Latest Art Project

I saw this on pinterest and just L-O-V-E-d it!

My problem was that it was on barn wood and I already have several art pieces I want to do with barn wood and didn't want to overwhelm my house. I thought of possible using and old canvas, but couldn't find any cheap ones at thrift stores or antique stores that I liked. After my friend, Miriam's wise counsel :) we decided an old window would also serve as a nice palate. 

So this is mine...
I really liked the simplicity of just the white and clear. Miriam had suggested a fabric as a background. I think this would have looked great too! I roughed up the frame a little, for a bit of a rustic look. 

Here it is with our other photos. It kind of makes me sound like I'm having a hard time staying faithful to Andrew. Haha...bind my wandering heart to God...just in case anyone was worried about our relationship.

And then last week I destroyed my wedding bouquet and this is the result. 
This is actually our card stock that we printed our wedding bulletins on, and of course our wedding date.
I like how I turned out. I borrowed this idea from Vanessa after her's actually was destroyed accidentally. Mine was on purpose.

August Family Stuff

Well at the beginning of August, we spent some time with one of our sweet nephews and found out what his new sibling will be....(also it was Andrew's bday, he got a Canon Rebel T2i, his first photos will be featured).

I love this one!
Clearly, I have the touch!
I just love his expression!
 Andrew's birthday cake was the cake that revealed what gender the new baby will be....

And the baby will be.....

A GIRL!!!! To most of us, this wasn't a surpise. Julie's pregnancy's have
 been so different we didn't think it could be another boy.

Aww...did Charlie want a brother?

Charlie 2 and Grandma Clark
(we call him Charlie 2, b/c Andrew's dad is Charlie as well)
This boy knows how....
...to work a room! I think he gets it from his Mama :)
Uncle Andrew is so fun!
Can you believe this cutie had a fever the entire weekend we were there! He was such a trooper!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Officially in love with Pinterest!

So I have been trying to decrease my internet time, but Pinterest has ruined my efforts. It has spike my interest in crafts again. Yesterday my niece and me made sidewalk chalk paint and painted the driveway. I didn't take any pics but it was a good time. Saturday when cleaning out a spare bedroom I had a bucket container that was pink and floral and just not me at all (pretty sure someone gave me a care package in college in it). I ran out to the garage and scrubbed it down with sandpaper to ruff it up a bit and then sprayed it with some Rustoleum brushed nickel spray paint. I had another galvanized steel bucket (the little cutesy ones) so now they go together much better. I have two projects in my mind that I hope to create very soon! Man I feel addicted!

Also hopefully making some zucchini fries tonight!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Late photos of the garden

We had a great garden this year and might replant some more squash and green beans soon. We put away 11 quarts of green beans, 14 quarts of tomatoes, and 2 quarts of tomato soup. My great aunt Martha has the best recipe that my mom has always used. I'm telling you there aren't many things better than homemade tomato soup. I need to make it a few more times before I'm truly comfortable that I have it down, but I'll get there. I'll share it someday.

We officially learned how to can without my mom's supervision. We still called to ask questions, but progress none-the-less. My mom and I pulled out boxes and boxes of Mason jars and I've cleaned up about half. This was so neat because of the variety of brands and styles. My mom really likes the square-ish jars usually called a perfect mason. I love the longlife masons. Something really sentimental to me about the longlife ones. I guess that some of these belonged to my mom's mom and truly these jars have kept food to feed generations of my family. I know I can make anything sentimental. Haha!

Anyway here are some photos. You can see how lush our squash and zucchini got by my hand photo below.