Wednesday, May 2, 2012


An outlet is a way you get through frustrations or disappointments. We all have them, at least if we are healthy and move past things.

One of my best outlets is music. It gets me IN my head WITHOUT focusing on whatever problem is going on which is usually a welcomed break. I think this is why I love music so much. It seems the notes express things that I can't articulate. I'm not a musician, and I am not particularly a good singer. More accurately, I'm one step away from tone deaf, but I love it!

Prayer is also an outlet that I definitely don't utilize like I should. That reminds me that I don't really live like a Christian. (my mom's quote) I live quite independent of God way too often, and by independent I mean denying the truth that every breath and sunrise is an act of God's sustaining power for the universe. Do you struggle with this? You're breathing and reading this so I assume you do. God is so faithful to meet us again and again. We recently had the opportunity to hear USC's RUF minister, Sammy Rhodes, preach at LPC and he said "God is much more willing to forgive our sins than we are to ask for it." I forget it's so simple. I hope this is a pleasant reminder of the immensity of God's grace. Also I hope God has given you ways to let out your struggles.

Also, one more is writing song lyrics in cursive. It's quite relaxing for me, and I never write in cursive so it's fun! Some albums that have been outlets for me lately are The Fray's new one called Scars and Stories. Get the deluxe version; they do a cover of Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that makes me smile. Lots of good songs Heartbeat, Turn Me On, 1961, 48 to go, Munich, Rainy Zurich, and Be Still. Then there is a group I shazaamed on 99.3 WXRY, Of Monsters and Men that is upbeat and folky. They're from Iceland and the male lead sounds like Mumford. Love them! Also a group called the Lumineers that have a song called Hey Ho which is so fun you can't help but sing along and smile. I hope you check out some of this and love it as much as I do.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Jim Gaffigan, a loved comedian in the Clark home, has a sketch on camping. He says things like "my parents didn't take me camping because they loved me" and "happy camper, a happy camper is the camper leaving the campground" and "hey in my family camping is a tradition; hey camping was a tradition in everyone's family before we invented the house" "I'm what you would call indoorsy" "if it's so great outside why are all the bugs trying to get in my house". So you get the picture? He's hilarious, but we love camping anyway. I love it in the fall and spring no thank you winter or summer.

This past weekend we went to the Brevard area in NC and camped at Cascade Lake recreation. It was beautiful scenery and weather. We did a little hiking on Saturday an saw some beautiful waterfalls. I love cooking outside on the Coleman stove. Genuinely I had a blast. We have kind of started a biannual tradition with some friends from college. I hope it continues.

Here are some waterfall shots. This is High Falls, Triple Falls, and Connestee Falls.