Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New year, but the same OLD projects!

I've been contemplating new years goals and resolutions but plan to post on that soon. I like the new year, it seems to rejuvenate my motivation. I have had some barn wood in my garage since I did the last barn wood painting. I knew I wanted to make some art for our bedroom. I thought about it for awhile and even sketched out a photo from the Hoh rainforest that we snapped on our vacation two falls ago. I ended up deciding I didn't quite have the skill level to accomplish that. I think it would have looked cartoon like.

So I decided on a silhouette of a tree branch. I found a photo that inspired this on a friends' blog and just went with it.

Thanks Mama for all you expertise!

Inspiration: http://whendavidmetrose.blogspot.com/2012/11/travel-table-rock-sp-26-28-october-2012.html?m=1
that's the link, but I'll put the actual photo up as well. One thing I did differently was to sand the barn wood a little. It gave some depth to the background. Really neat looking and it showed off the blade marks from where it went through the saw mill however many years ago.

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