Monday, December 17, 2012

A new addition

I'm sure I've had some spare time to blog, but not much. I have enjoyed my freedom from blogging; however I do miss uploading some fun things we do. We have a new pet in our family. She's a she (we think) and a kitten. Our friends rescued her and we have been wanting a cat for a while. You know cats are less commitment than dogs. Also they take up less space and fend for themselves a little better. When I lived at home we got 2 cats and we named them Columbus and Magellan because cats like to explore. So in keeping with the theme... I've named her Livingstone like Dr. Livingstone I presume. I call her Livi... Here she is right when we got her. She's probably about 6 weeks old then and about 10 now. She's honestly one of those really rare sweet cats but also pretty spunky and fun!

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