Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hawaii...ha finally

 Our view from the hotel. You can see our nice pool and the neat waterfall feature to the right of the pool.  There was actually a pool in the waterfall (but we never got in oops!) Pretty beach and we saw sea turtles swimming right up close one day!
 The first Hawaii sunset. Just so amazing!

 I love that we saw sailboats everywhere!

This is us the first day renting our snorkel gear! -->
 Monday of the trip was our crazy day. We woke up at 2:30 to drive the 2 hours to Haleakala an old inactive volcano that is amazing to see sunrises and sunsets from.  This is about 4:50 in the morning so you can see the sun starting to light up the sky, but you can still see stars. Andrew said it felt like you could touch the stars. Unfortunately, I missed the few minute window of seeing stars (adding layers in the car). It was 45 degrees and windy...freezing. Sweet Andrew stood out there with his hands exposed clicking pictures every few seconds.  We need a remote for the camera.
 Brighter! It's coming!
 There it is! The sun has touched the horizon!
 So you see the clouds...yeah we are at 10,000 feet, so we are above them! 

  This is a view of a slight rotation to the right!

 So from here we decided to be CRAZY and do the Road to Hana!
 Watch the landscape change from lush, to barren, to lush, to whatever!

 Can I just say...seeing these kinds of coastlines never gets old!

 This was so neat...what looks like at least 6 waterfalls I actually count like 9! Unfortunately we never got to see this view any closer really.
 After this trip we all became believers in the minvan!
 Back to lush...granted this road took us probably 7 hours back to civilization (Paia). This spot is probably somewhere around 3-4 hour mark.

 We made it to a state park and took a quick 4 mile hike/moderate walk to a crazy waterfall! It felt like the tallest I've ever looked up!
 Super neat trees!
 Lots of pretty falls along the way!
 Really neat bamboo forest/hallway!

 And you crossed a couple streams and came out of the woods and booyow! WATERFALL!
Waimoku Falls
 400 feet!

 Just in case I don't look as happy as I should...I fell crossing the stream and didn't think it was bad. When I continued to walk up to the fall, I realized I was hurting pretty bad. No worries it didn't ruin the experience or the trip, but my knee was pretty sore.
 Andrew is pretty into this was a must!
 The food was pretty good and as cheap as back home!
I don't have any food pictures, but  I should say all of our food on this trip was great! I ate fish daily and had lots of banana mac nut pancakes and great kona coffee! Kona beans are grown on the big island (Hawaii) where the volcanic ash creates a delish bean!
 Me happy!
 Me...still happy...and Captain Brian in the back doing his thing!
 Not our boat, but you can see Molokini where we snorkeled (well one of the many places).
 Me stearing the boat.  You wouldn't believe how agile those things are.
 Our Captains! We loved them...sooooo nice!
 The Paragon. If you are in Maui and want a sailing and snorkel trip...this is your company!
 Andrew and our luau...this picture sums it up! Lots of show....lots of cultures...very high energy!

I have a few more photos...from my phone...I'll come back soon, but that was most of the photos we took.  Had a great time...hope you enjoy the pics!


  1. You are not going to believe this, but we stayed literally directly in front of your hotel at that condo buildings! It was very nice and had a huge window looking right at that sunset you took a photo of! We really enjoyed that place and actually went over to you guy's pools one afternoon! Crazy fun! Y'all did more (so it seems) as far as hiking, exploring, etc, but we were also very pregnant by that point, so snorkeling was as "adventursome" besides the road to Hana that we got! :)

  2. Great pictures! There is nothing like the sunset in Hawaii!! I regret that we did not do Haleakala. If/when we go back that will definitely be on the agenda! Those pictures of the clouds are amazing so it must have been even more so in person!